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Kibou Blogroll Page

Kibou Frosted Glass


  • Based on Bootstrap
  • Minimal (as in art, not in size) and simple
  • Fully responsive, good for smartphones
  • A frosted glass style designed for Safari* (See below for details).
  • Automatically highlight \<code> tag
  • A simple tag cloud page
  • A simple blogroll page
  • DNS prefetch
  • Switch to serif font for more comfortable reading in English
  • MathJAX support
  • Google Analysis support
  • NetEase Comments support
  • Plugins: style optimization

Coming up in future updates…

  • PJAX
  • Extended Markdown syntax

Possible features in the future

  • i18n support


Currently, adding new blogroll link through markdown syntax is not supported. If you wish to add a new link, please use the following HTML format.

<ul class="links">
    <a href="//some.link" target="_blank">
      <img src="//path.to/avatar.png">
      <span>Your Friend's Name</span>

Frosted Glass Effect

The frosted glass effect can be enabled for Safari users only.

The effect was made compatible for Chrome and Firefox users by @moriW. I appreciate his work.

However, this effect is no longer supported by theme Kibou, due to many reports of glitches and malfunctions. This effect seems to cause some browsers, including Chrome and certain Chinese Browsers, to slow down and may even crash on certain PCs.

The effect is still available in the frosted-glass branch, but the theme is at an older version, and will not be supported in future releases.

Plugin style optimization

The theme is now optimized for or compatible with the following plugins:

Known Issues

The following issues are known:

  • Render with extended Markdown causes APlayer and DPlayer to work incorrectly.
  • Input areas work incorrectly on iOS devices.

The reason why above issues exist is because that I'm too young.


If you wish to contribute to this theme, please fork this repository and send a pull request after change.



Demo: http://blog.metheno.net/

Author: https://www.metheno.net/


The MIT License (MIT)